Saturday, 8 February 2020

The first books and radio I bought

As my antennas are down awaiting the storm to come and pass, I've been tidying my shack.

Sorting through my book shelf I came across the first ever books I bought.

I used to go to school in Ealing and Martin Lynch's shop was only 15min walk away. After I spent weeks and weeks just wondering around the shop I bought my first book and scanner around 1995.

The book was "Amateur radio for beginners - How to discover the hobby " by Victor Brand G3JNB and the scanner was a Standard AX400 cost me £299 back then!

Some time later I got my parents to order me "The Novice licence - Students notebook and the manual for instructors by John Case GW4HWR. The novice licence was first introduced into the UK around 1990 as the entry level into the hobby with the original callsigns 2E0 class A and 2E1 class B before the morse requirment was dropped in UK around 2003. I never got round to getting my licence back then as I couldn't find a course.

Having a quick thumb through the manuals, it's amazing to see what restrictions the novice licence had back in the days. At first they only had 9 bands to use with a max RF power of 3watts! How times have changed as now the Intermediate (Novice) licence has 50watts on all most of the bands we have in the UK! I wonder if they ever touch on the history of this licence on any of the intermediate courses today?

Band plan with RF 3watts limit

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